Computerised Rural Information Systems Project(CRISP)
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about crisp   Project was launched in 1986 in ten districts of the country
  Hardware, System software and application software package(CRISP S/W 1.0) was  provided to DRDA's by NIC in pilot districts.
 The project was expanded to all the DRDAs in 1987 by the Ministry.
crisp present plan  The NIC was asked to redesign the software package and conduct training programmes for the staff of DRDAs. The NIC released CRISP application S/W Package 2.0 under DOS/Clipper environment.
 MRD, GOI authorised state RDs to identify its own state level agency to extend support on DRDA computerisation under CRISP. The provision of service charge was also made by the ministry.
 By the end of 1989, most of the states had setup the computing infrastructure sanctioned by the ministry at DRDA level.
crisp future plan   NIC - District Computer Centre were also operational at district level. NIC relased the CRISP Application S/W package 3.0 under XENIX/FoxPlus and Oracle 6.0 Envioronment for multiuser environment.
 Ruralsoft Ministry decided to sterngthen the computing infrastructure available with DRDAs in view of outdated and non-functional status of the system procured in 1987-1988 phase.
 Ruralsoft Ministry sanctioned a server and five clients with LAN to all DRDAs under NT4.0 environment. MS-Office 97, VB6.0 and MS-SQL7.0 package was also sanctioned.
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  NIC was asked by the ministry to design and develop GUI based software package, under CRISP, for DRDA to process the data related to povert alleviation schemes(SGSY, JGSY, IAY, Watershed and EAS).
  NIC prepared the CRISP Application software package 4.0 and named it as RuralSoft2000.


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