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What kind of products can be hosted in RuralBazar?  

RuralBazar can display any kind of product that is produced by rural producer. The products may be handicraft items, general utility items, stone carvings, edible items etc. RuralBazar provides a pre-defined catalog structure that has been designed to accommodate almost any kind of products produced in Rural India. Though pre-defined, you may need to modify the catalog to accommodate some of the products that are unique to your site. RuralBazar offers you facility to do this through RuralBazar Client. 

Does the software offer any facility to directly interface with the Rural Producer?

 As of today, majority of Indian Rural population do not have access to IT services such as e-mail and internet. However, keeping in mind the availability of these services with NGOs, DRDAs and other agencies who will be interfacing with the producer, the software provides facility to reach to producers through e-mail, fax or telephone. Intially, these contact addresses may be that of the agencies which will be responsible for interfacing with the producer, the software maintains such info as e-mail address, telephone, fax etc. for each producer. 

 What kind of security features does RuralBazar offer to the customers visiting the site? 

Any e-commerce site must provide security at variuos levels. RuralBazar, by default, encrypts sensitive data so that even in the event of a security breach, such data would be of no use because it is encrypted. As far as security of Credit Card info of customers over the network is cincerned, RuralBazar is silent on this as this will depend greatly on the way the partner organization wishes to implement the online payment service. 

Who will be responsible if the software gets corrupt? 

Software corruption may require total installation of the software or part installation. The partner organization may either rectify the problem on its own or enlist the services of NICSI. NICSI services, however, will be on a chargeable basis depending on the gravity of the problem. 

Who will be responsible for any unforeseen data loss

As far as data loss is concerned, the software provides a simple and intuitive interface to take periodic backup of data.As far as corruption of data is concerned, RuralBazar Client software offers a simple and intuitive interface to perform backup and restores. The responsibility for data maintenace lies with the partner organization to ensure up-to-date backup of data to avoid serious loss of data. This page is under improvisation, would be available shortly.

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