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Computerised Rural Information Systems Project (CRISP) was launched in 1986 by the Department of Rural Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, with an aim to facilitate the staff of District Rural Development Agencies (DRDAs) in the monitoring exercise of poverty alleviation schemes through a Computer Based Information System (CBIS). The scope of this project is as follows : 

  •  Formulation of IT induction guidelines 
  •  Project Coordination 
  •  Software Requirement Specification Study
  •  Software Design and Development 
  •  Training 

Since 1986, several versions of CRISP application software package have been designed and developed for DRDAs to process the data related to poverty alleviation schemes. The latest in the series is RuralSoft, which is a scalable solution that helps in web based monitoring of the poverty alleviation schemes. It has been implemented in 15 districts of the country, which have been wired using state-of-the-art VSAT (satellite based) network by the ministry.

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