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Product Overview

The Indian rural poor, with their rich skill set and adequate financial assistance from various governmental and non-governmental agencies, create an impressive array of exotic and useful products. However, owing to lack of adequate marketing infrastructure,many of these products remain confined to the local markets, thereby resulting in inadequate monetary returns. While the global market remains oblivious to the creative genius of the Indian rural producer, the producers are deprived of the good monetary returns that is assured in a global market.RuralBazar, an e-commerce solution from National Informatics Centre, envisages introducing the fine creations of the Indian rural genius to the Internet world, thereby strengthening the rural poor.

The overview below touches on high-level information on RuralBazar.

A tailor-made solution

RuralBazar is a fully-functional out-of-the-box e-commerce solution that is tailored to meet the business requirements of the Indian rural products.It provides a ready-to-use product catalog that is customized to cater to Indian rural products.Automatic transfer of funds to the producer's account, automatic e-mails on product requirements etc. are just some of the features that RuralBazar offers to the Rural Producer. Installation of the software as a state-level or a district-level site further enhances its specificity.

A user-centric solution

The web site focuses on the customer's needs by providing features such as comprehensive search facility, ease of navigation and multiple payment options. Add to this its ability to integrate customer's profile with the product catalog and you have targeted marketing that enhances the customer's experience by delivering one-to-one marketing capabilities.

Ease of deployment and maintenance

Deploying RuralBazar to showcase the products of a district or a state is as simple and straight-forward as it can be. Simply collect the site's product profile info and update the site database using Ruralbazar's data entry front-end, RuralBazar Client. And, you have your e-shop ready to receive any customer. You can choose to maintain the database either locally or remotely; RuralBazar gives you complete control over your choice. The accompanying data entry and administrative tools help you manage many of your day-to-day maintenance activities simply and effectively.

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